Important terms of use

The information and services presented on this website in connection with Baloise Fund Invest (Lux), a UCITS fund under Luxembourg law, are intended exclusively for persons domiciled in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg (in accordance with the individual funds’ country registration). If you are not domiciled in one of the above countries, you are not permitted to access this website. Irrespective of their domicile, US persons (see here for a definition of US persons) are expressly prohibited from visiting this website.

US persons include all natural persons, i.e. US citizens (including those holding dual citizenship), US residents (principal or secondary place of residence), holders of a permanent residence and work permit (e.g. a US Green Card) and all those that were present in the USA for more than 31 days in the current year and for more than 183 days in the last three years (each day or presence during the current year counts as one full day, each day during the first preceding year counts as one third of a day, and each day during the second preceding year counts as one sixth of a day). Legal entities that are established or organised under US law or that are domiciled in the USA are also considered US persons. Such US persons are treated the same as persons who might be liable to for tax in the United Sates (e.g. second domicile, joint tax return with a US person, waiver of US citizenship or residence permit after long-term residence, other reasons). The question regarding US person and US tax liability status applies to both natural and legal persons.

You are required to provide truthful information as to your domicile.

Baloise Fund Invest (Lux) is a UCITS fund under Luxembourg law. The key investor information documents (KIIDs), the prospectus, the Articles of Association as well as the annual and half-year reports in German and French are available on this website and may also be ordered free of charge from the Belgian Financial Service Provider, CACEIS Belgium SA, Avenue du Port 86C B320, B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

The information and opinions presented on this website are intended exclusively for information purposes and constitute neither advice, nor an offer, nor a solicitation to purchase or sell fund units, nor does it represent a solicitation to submit an offer to conclude a contract for securities-related or ancillary services. The information presented on this website is no substitute for advice from your personal investment adviser.

The sole binding basis for the acquisition of fund units are the sales prospectuses as amended from time to time, the key investor information documents (KIID) and the latest versions of the annual and half-year reports.

Past performance, simulations or projections are not reliable indications of future performance. The historical performance data provided does not factor in any commissions and costs accruing through the purchase and redemption of shares. Commissions and fees negatively impact performance. All investments involve risks, particularly of fluctuations in value and return. If the currency of the financial product does not correspond with your reference currency, returns may be increased or decreased by exchange rate movements. The information provided on this website does not factor in specific or future investment objectives, the investor’s tax or financial situation or the recipient’s individual needs.

No liability can be accepted for the accuracy, completeness or up-to-datedness of the information provided on this website.

Legal notice

“” is the Internet site of Baloise Fund Invest (Lux) (hereinafter referred to as “BFI”), which belongs to the Baloise Group, and Baloise Insurance Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Baloise”).
Anyone accessing this website and calling up information is obliged to agree with the following terms and conditions.

Scope of application
The scope of application of the services presented on this website may vary. In this connection, please observe the corresponding notes on the individual websites. This website is generally not aimed at anyone who is not permitted to access it pursuant to the applicable law.

Unless specified otherwise, the (fund) products of Baloise Fund Invest (hereinafter “BFI Lux”) and the associated information and services of Baloise presented on this website are only intended for persons residing or domiciled in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg. If you are not domiciled in one of the above countries, you are not permitted to access this website. Irrespective of their domicile, “US persons” (see here for a definition of US persons) are expressly prohibited from visiting this website.

Use of the website and exclusion of liability
In designing and maintaining its websites, Baloise takes all necessary technical and organisational measures and precautions to ensure that they run smoothly and in compliance with the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992 on Privacy Protection in relation to the Processing of Personal Data. Nevertheless, application errors, such as loss or falsification of data, virus attacks, temporary breakdowns, etc., cannot be ruled out. Users access the websites at their own risk. In particular, Baloise provides no guarantee for faultless functioning or the functioning in general of the website. Nor can it guarantee that the website or the server it is stored on is free from viruses or faulty components.
Baloise shall not be liable for any loss or damage, or consequential loss or damage, resulting from access to its websites or individual elements contained on the websites or their use (or from any inability to access or use the websites or elements).
In the event of security risks being identified, Baloise also explicitly reserves the right to temporarily interrupt, or in severe cases, to block access to the websites until the security risks have been eliminated. Baloise shall not be liable for any loss or damage, or consequential loss or damage, resulting from the interruption or blocking of access.

Reliability of the published information and exclusion of warranty
BFI exercises due diligence to ensure that the information published on the websites is correct and up to date at the time of publication.  Nevertheless, neither BFI, nor BFI Lux, nor their contractual partners can give any implicit or explicit assurance or warranty (incl. warranty to third parties) regarding the up-to-datedness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. Neither BFI, nor BFI, nor their contractual partners are liable for losses incurred due to investment decisions of any kind taken on the basis of erroneous or insufficient information or owing to a lack of information. Please note in particular that the future performance of a product or investment instrument cannot be deduced from past performance. Likewise, the protection of the value of capital invested can also not be guaranteed.
The (fund) products and services presented on the websites of BFI shall not be construed as an offer or a recommendation to purchase or sell investment instruments. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, BFI reserves the right to reject an application without stating reasons.
If you are interested in a (fund) product or service, please read the terms and conditions to the contract and the basic legal information (e.g. the relevant fund prospectus, key investor information document (KIID), and the latest annual and half-year reports) and seek the advice of our customer advisers or that of a qualified expert.

Web links
The BFI websites contain links to other websites. BFI has not checked these websites (with the exception of the websites of Baloise – and assume no responsibility for their content, for the products or services offered or other offers made, or for adherence to data protection provisions. Users activate any links at their own risk.

Reservation of right of amendment
BFI expressly reserves the right to modify information on its websites at any time and without prior notice.

All elements of the BFI websites are protected by copyright and are owned exclusively by BFI. Website content may only be downloaded, printed, copied, saved and edited, fully or in part, for private use. If elements are reproduced in any form (either electronically or in print), either in whole or in part, BFI must be mentioned specifically by name. Copyright notices, trademarks and other legally protected names may not be altered or removed.
By saving or otherwise duplicating software or other data from/to the websites of BFI, users are deemed to have accepted the relevant terms of use.  Full or partial reproduction, transmission by electronic or other means, modification, the linking or use for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior explicit consent of BFI. Third-party copyrights are reserved.

The following also applies:

Subscription to BFI Lux units
Subscriptions to units in BFI are only valid in conjunction with the most recent prospectus and the key investor information document (KIID), together with the latest annual report and the latest half-year report, if this is more recent than the annual report. No-one is permitted to disclose information that is not in the prospectus or the publically accessible documents mentioned in the prospectus.

Risk notice in connection with investment in BFI Lux units
Investors should note that all investments involve risk and that no compensation will be paid for any losses resulting from an investment in sub-funds. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that BFI will achieve its investment objective. Neither BFI, nor BFI Lux, nor the members of its Board of Directors or their authorised representatives or financial consultants are able to give any assurance with regard to future performance. Subscribers and prospective buyers of units of the BFI Lux are advised to inform themselves as to the tax implications, legal requirements and restrictions and currency exchange regimes of their home country or domicile as relevant to the subscription to, holding and sale of units of the Company.

US persons
No steps have been taken to register BFI or units in BFI with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as prescribed by the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and its amendments, or to comply with other regulations with regard to securities. Therefore, the BFI prospectus may not be introduced or transmitted to, or disseminated in the United States, its federal states or dependent territories or transmitted to “US persons” (see here for a definition of US persons); all such persons are hereafter referred to as US persons. Furthermore, units in BFI may not be offered or sold to US persons. Any violation of these restrictions may constitute a breach of the United States securities legislation. The Board of Directors of BFI may demand the immediate recall of units bought or held by US persons, including from investors who only become US persons as defined herein after purchasing the units.

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
The aim of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is to prevent US citizens and US-based legal entities from using Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) for the purpose of tax avoidance. The FATCA provisions classify the company as an FFI. Accordingly, the Company will, where appropriate, ask its unitholders to provide supporting evidence to justify their tax residence and to provide all other information required to comply with the above-mentioned legislation.

Notwithstanding the provisions contained herein and to the extent permitted by Luxembourg law, the Company has the right:

To withhold any taxes or similar fees relating to holdings in the Company, if so required by law or otherwise;

To request from each unitholder or beneficial owner of the shares the immediate provision of information required by the Company to comply with its legal obligations and/or to determine the size of a sum to be withheld, and to pass on any personal data to a tax or regulatory authority, if this is required by law or requested by one of the authorities;

To withhold any dividend payment or redemption payment to an investor until the company has obtained sufficient information to determine the correct amount to be withheld.

Furthermore, the company confirms that it is a participating FFI in terms of FATCA, that it has registered under FATCA and that it complies with its provisions. The Company’s Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) is EWGM5M.00012.ME.442.

Data protection policy

The Baloise (hereinafter “Baloise”) take great care to protect your privacy when processing your personal data.
Baloise processes your personal data in compliance with the Belgian Data Protection Act (Law of 8 December 1992 on Privacy Protection in relation to the Processing of Personal Data) and in accordance with the following principles:

Use and transmission of personal data for specific purposes
Your personal data is only used for a purpose which is either indicated when the data is collected, readily apparent from the context, or legally required. It may also be used for internal marketing purposes.
We oblige our employees to maintain confidentiality, observe the data protection law and – in the case of banking services – to maintain banking secrecy.  Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Recording of access data and IP addresses
When you visit our websites, our web servers store by default your access data, e.g., your IP address, the web site from where you visit us, the pages you visit on our websites and the date and duration of the visit.

Using technologies provided by etracker GmbH (, user data is collected and stored on this website in an anonymised form for marketing and optimisation purposes only. On the basis of this data, user profiles are created under a pseudonym. Cookies, which collect and store data exclusively in a pseudonymised form, may be used for this purpose. The data is not used to personally identify visitors to this website and is not combined with data pertaining to the bearer of the pseudonym.

Data security
Please note that the internet is a global, open network. When you transmit data over the internet, you always do so at your own risk. Data transmitted by you is protected by means of Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which provides 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.
Despite comprehensive technical and organisational security measures being taken, data may be lost, intercepted by unauthorised persons and/or manipulated. Baloise takes appropriate technical and organisational security measures to prevent such occurrences within the Baloise systems. Your computer, however, is beyond the reach of the Baloise IT security measures. It is therefore your responsibility as the user to obtain information about the necessary security precautions and to take appropriate measures.

Right of access and rectification
On demand we will inform you in writing whether and what kind of personal data we have stored about you. If, despite all our efforts to keep our data correct and up-to-date, incorrect information has been stored, we will amend it upon receiving your request to do so.

Scope of application of the data protection policy
This policy on data protection applies to all Baloise websites. Our websites may contain links to other providers who do not come under the scope of this data protection declaration.

Contact for queries regarding data protection
Please contact the Baloise Insurance data protection officer if you have any questions concerning the data protection policy, require further information, have suggestions or would like to register a complaint. If you have questions for the Baloise Bank SoBa data protection officer, please call the Service Line on 0848 800 806.

For questions regarding data security, please contact our IT security officer.

Baloise Fund Invest reserves the right to amend this legal notice, the important terms of use and the data protection policy at any time. You are therefore asked to read these carefully whenever you access the website.