guarantee fund

Guarantee fund

In view of current market conditions, we recommend the following for new investors:

Instead of investing in the BFI Capital Protect (CHF) guarantee fund, we recommend investing in our BFI C-QUADRAT ARTS trend-following funds. However, please note, these are not guarantee funds. The BFI trend-following funds are successfully holding their own in the market. Further information about the BFI C-QUADRAT ARTS trend-following funds:

Trend-following funds

BFI Capital Protect (CHF)

Information for existing investors

  • Factsheet
  • Product sheet
  • Key investor information documents (KIIDs)

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Investment advice

Opportunities for investing in BFI investment funds are available from most providers of financial services. At Baloise we will be happy to advise you of these at Baloise Bank SoBa and Baloise Insurance.

Investment advice