trend following funds

Trend-following funds

Exploit opportunities – Limit losses

Suitable for all investors

The BFI trend-following funds are suitable for investors who:

  • would like to invest in those markets and sectors with the best potential returns;
  • want to limit losses; and
  • are willing to accept fluctuations in value.

If share prices are falling, the proportion of equities can be reduced to 0% if necessary and the assets can be shifted to safer investment classes. This limits losses in an effective manner. As a result, investors can remain relaxed even during difficult market periods.

Exploiting market trends

  • As funds of funds, the BFI trend-following funds invest worldwide in the investment funds with the best return prospects, in line with financial market trends. In doing so, they make use of the computerised trading system of C-QUADRAT ARTS. This system continuously analyses more than 10,000 investment funds.
  • Once a trend has been identified, the investment is made. If a trend change occurs, the investment is shifted to other funds. The proportion of equity funds can be reduced to 0% if necessary. This has the aim of locking in profits and limiting losses.

Three BFI trend-following funds

Each of the funds is available in the fund currencies Swiss franc and euro. With varying maximum proportions invested in equity funds.

  Fund Proportion of equities Suitable for  


Up to max. 30%

Security-oriented investors

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Up to max. 60%

Risk-aware investors

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Up to max. 100%

Risk-tolerant investors

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