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BFI strategy funds


Each year, Lipper recognises top class funds and asset managers that have consistently achieved strong, risk-adjusted returns. Both the Baloise BFI Progress (EUR) strategy fund and the asset manager Baloise Asset Management recently received awards for their particularly good performance.

Baloise Asset Management was chosen as the “Best Group Over 3 Years – Overall Small Company” in the Europe-wide “Mixed Assets” category. And the BFI Progress (EUR) strategy fund received the Lipper Fund Award for the best balanced multi-asset fund approved in Switzerland over a period of ten years.

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Suitable for all investors

Strategy funds are suitable for investors who:

  • want to exploit the return opportunities offered by equity markets;
  • appreciate the continuous development offered by bonds;
  • want to pursue a specific strategy; and
  • are willing to accept certain fluctuations in value.

Flexibility – the strength of BFI strategy funds
Depending on market conditions, the fund managers increase or decrease the proportions invested in the various asset classes. This adjustment is made within the confines of a specified range. The aim is to exploit market opportunities and reduce risks.

Three BFI strategy funds
Each of the funds is available in the fund currencies Swiss franc and euro.

  Funds Suitable for  

BFI Activ

Security-oriented investors

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BFI Progress

Risk-aware investors

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BFI Dynamic

Risk-tolerant investors

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