The advantages of investment funds

Investment funds are attractive investment instruments; the range of funds on offer is varied and provides the right solution for every investment requirement. We can use our expertise to help you make the most of the advantages offered by investment funds and find the right investment solution for you.

Enjoy investor protection

Investment funds provide investors with a product that offers security in terms of investor protection. Investment funds are special assets and are not affected by a bankruptcy of the fund management company.

Stay flexible

There are no waiting times involved when investing in funds. With buy and sell opportunities on every trading day, investors can gain access to their savings at any time.

Reduce risk

Investment funds invest in a wide range of different assets. This broad spread of investments (diversification) reduces the overall risk of the investment.

Transparency and monitoring of costs

Compared to direct investments, the costs for individual investors are low. This is due to the significantly higher level of total assets involved. With investment funds, investors know how and where their money is invested. Costs and fees are also disclosed.

Give yourself time for other things

People who invest their assets in funds let investment professionals manage their money. The fund manager takes care of the ongoing monitoring and management of the fund assets in the interests of the investors.

With investment solutions from Baloise Fund Invest, you can be sure that your money is in the hands of a successful asset manager. And even with smaller investments, you benefit from the expertise and strengths of Baloise Asset Management, the asset manager of the Baloise Group.

Your customer adviser will be happy to give you personal advice before you make an investment. In an advisory session, you jointly identify an investor profile appropriate to your current situation and your personal investment goals. Your customer adviser can then propose an investment solution that reflects your needs and possibilities.

Not yet convinced? Then take a look at the BFI video clip, “Baloise Fund Invest explains investment funds”. The video clip clearly demonstrates how investment funds work and explains the opportunities and risks they present.

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